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Galway Bay Golf Resort Course Map

Come and play our 18 hole course

A winning blend of natural beauty and golfing adventure, the championship golf course at Galway Bay Golf Resort is regarded among the very best golf courses in Ireland.


Galway Bay Golf Resort Scorecard


200 Yards


150 Yards


100 Yards

  1. Out of Bounds. Over all boundaries of course defined by walls, fences and whtie stakes.
  2. Man hole covers, yardage markers and pop up sprinklers. If interfering with swing or staqnce may be dropped within on eclub length not nearer the hole.
  3. Ground disturbance by machinery should be treated as G.U.R.
  4. A ball coming to rest on any service road within the course boundaries may be lifted and dropped within one club length not nearer the hole.
  5. Drop zone left of 6th Green must be used if ball enters the hazard between the white stakes.

All course distance markers are measured in yards to the centre of the green.

Course in Play

USGA Course Rating

Course in Play

USGA Course Rating

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