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Galway Bay Golf Resort is a marvellous 18-hole championship-level golf course that overlooks gorgeous Galway Bay. Owing to the contemporary design, amazing golfing experience, and state-of-the-art facilities, we’re delighted to offer customers something truly special in the West of Ireland. 

Our story began in 1993 when we were first opened, but it’s one that is constantly being updated as the years go on.  

Oceanside Headland Course

Galway Bay Golf Resort is an oceanside golf course that provides an eye-catching setting more than worthy of a casual round of golf or a competitive match.

Here, you’re sure to enjoy capturing the moments as you look out across Galway Bay, whether you’re lining up a putt for par or driving a shot a hundred yards down the fairway.

Because of our oceanside category, we are also a headland course – the only one on the west coast of the country, so it’s fair to say that we are truly unique.

Familiar Faces

We love Galway Bay Golf Resort because we love golf but also because we are dedicated to maintaining the high standards that were set all those years ago when O’ Connor Jr. originally designed our course.

It’s no wonder that so many others love Galway Bay Golf Resort, too, including our visitors, members, and lots of famous faces. 

One of the biggest icons to set foot on Galway Bay Golf Resort is Hollywood legend Bill Murray.

And he thoroughly enjoyed his time at our course. Why not take a look at some of the other well-known celebrities who have enjoyed our oceanside course? 

Corporate Social Responsibility

The team at Galway Bay Golf Resort like to use our platform for corporate social responsibility and charity endeavours.

We regularly hold Charity Golf Classics to help raise funds for worthy causes and we are proud to put our name behind these events.

Between 2023 and 2022, we raised over €45,000 for Galway Hospice and Croí. 


As Galway Bay Golf Resort is part of the Connacht Hospitality Group, we treat sustainability seriously.

Take our menu, for example, where we offer delectable vegan and vegetarian dishes what’s more, we also offer eco-friendly ‘Sustainable Hero’ wines which have been made using earth-conscious methods.

Plus, we also have electric buggies which are a great alternative that keep the health of the planet in mind.  

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