Bill Murray At Galway Bay Golf Resort

When Bill Murray Visited Galway Bay Golf Resort

At Galway Bay Golf Resort, we love welcoming people to enjoy our headland golf course and clubhouse experiences. After all, as much as we love looking out on our picturesque oceanside offering, it looks best when people are out there enjoying its challenges. 

Over the years, we have had lots of visitors – including a number of famous faces and sporting icons. It’s safe to say that Hollywood legend Bill Murray ticks both of those boxes. He visited us in 2021 and was hosted by the Connacht Hospitality Group during his Galway stay.  

Of course, Bill Murray is acting royalty, having starred in over 75 movies and dozens of episodes of television, so when he joined us during his golfing tour of the West of Ireland it was a genuine honour. The film icon’s visit was part of a tour of courses along the Wild Atlantic Way as he was filming with Tom Coyne’s The Links Life series.  

Having starred in such films as Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, and Lost in Translation, Bill has achieved enormous success in his career.

Bill is a true lover of golf – in addition to being a Hall of Fame caddy, he’s an avid golfer who loves to play on amazing courses. So, it was fantastic to showcase our gem of an oceanside course in Galway to him.  

The weather during Bill’s excursion across our 18 holes was phenomenal, and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing him make the most of the venture – you can see how he teed off on the first hole here, and the rest of his round was equally accomplished. 

Bill is now a deserved honorary member of Galway Bay Golf Resort, and we can’t wait for him to return to us in the very near future – we’ll be ready with a pint or two of Guinness as well!

Anyone looking for a visual golf treat that encapsulates the spirit of Ireland would do well to watch The Links Life with Tom Coyne, Bill Murray, and Family. Released on Amazon US over Christmas 2022, the documentary provides a heart-warming and fascinating look at some of Ireland’s best links courses

The documentary follows New York Times bestselling author Tom Coyne as he travels with the Hollywood actor Bill Murray, meeting all sorts of interesting and knowledgeable characters along the way.

The West of Ireland
Unsurprisingly, there are several West of Ireland courses featured on the documentary, including our very own Galway Bay Golf Resort which they visit at the end of their memorable trip.

Galway Bay Golf Resort’s course, designed by famous golfer Christy O’Connor Jnr., features 18 holes in a picturesque setting that truly does justice to the amazingly beautiful backdrop of Galway Bay.

Travelling to Ireland

For anyone travelling into Shannon Airport, Galway Bay Golf Resort is less than an hour’s drive away and offers an incredible welcome for anybody who wants to test their skills while savouring the truly awesome landscape of Oranmore’s coastline.

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